Understanding Right-hand Rings and Buying Your Own!

            Right-hand rings are being worn as a declaration of independence or as a sign to mark a milestone. Whatever the significance is, these rings are always in! More and more women go independent and spend their own hard-earned cash on extravagant diamond or gemstone rings and flaunt them on their right hands. Whatever your preference is, right-hand rings can be the best. This article will help you understand more about right-hand rings and more!

            What are right-hand rings? 

            These are any rings that are being worn on the right hand. The term is often used for cocktail rings which are big statement rings that are set with bold, colorful gemstones. These rings signify women that they are not confused with an engagement ring or a wedding band. With many jewelry shopping stores live and online https://www.caratlondon.com/collections/gifts, a woman who buys a ring is a significant gesture as she must have invested in a right-hand ring to mark a milestone in her life, a birthday, a professional achievement or even a divorce – why not?

            Which finger to put the right-hand rings?           

            Again, there are no hard and fast rules with the style of the ring, although when it comes to big cocktail rings, women tend to wear them on the right ring or at their index finger. It is not uncommon to see women wearing a ring or two on every right-hand digit due to the jewelry trend for sideways stacking – even from pinkie to their thumb. Based on the traditional perspective, each finger has its own symbolism.

  • Index finger – reserved for membership rings such as bearing a family crest, when placed on the right hand, it may also state a professional status and are often present to graduates.
  • Thumb finger – it is being seen as a sign of wealth and power.

            How to wear right-hand rings? 

            The right-hand rings are often reserved for fun, flamboyant jewels like cocktail rings. Since most people are right-handed, when a statement ring is being worn on the right hand, it will increase its visibility thus, making it more noticeable for other people. While wearing rings of more minimal design, stacking them on one finger or spreading them across the whole hand can look very stylish.

            Other ladies choose to wear eternity rings on their right-hand ring finger ad these rings will feature channel set diamonds in a full or half circle which gives a mark to an occasion such as long years of wedding anniversary or the birth of a child.

            What do right-hand rings mean? 

            On a final note, right-hand rings more often symbolize the power to woman culture. Often these days, the decision is being dictated by the personal choice and preference of a lady. And however you choose to wear it, the idea is to indulge yourself in a spectacular jewel https://www.caratlondon.com/collections/last-chance that speaks for your personality.

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