Things That Make The Commercial Microwave Oven Different Than Domestic Microwave Ovens

As one can see, there are a few businesses that use the domestic microwave oven in their commercial kitchen. However, soon the realization strikes them as they understand that domestic microwave ovens are not meant for commercial utilization as they got broken so easily. Furthermore, Commercial Microwave Ovens are specifically built to fulfill the bulky demands of a commercial kitchen.

Commercial Microwave Ovens are designed differently than usual domestic microwave ovens to withstand more heavy uses as well as to cook up more foods. Commercial Microwave Oven also offers more sets of power settings compared to household ovens. If you are still not interested in purchasing a Commercial Microwave Oven then consider these factors before opting to buy a Microwave Oven Singapore.

No Turntables

Unlike Household microwave Ovens, Commercial Microwave Ovens don’t have a turntable in them. Turntables are plates Built within the household microwave where you put your food. It keeps rotating while preparing the food in order to evenly distribute the heat all over the food. Typically commercial Microwave Ovens don’t have this specification as it involves large volumes of food. However, commercial Microwaves are built in an order that allows the heat to perfectly cook the food. Furthermore, due to the removal of turntables, Commercial Microwave Ovens are much more efficient to clean.

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Heavy Usage

Domestic microwaves aren’t built to withstand heavy usage. Unlike Commercial Microwave Ovens, domestic microwaves are more convenient for quickly heating some light dishes, like soup, pizza, macaroni, etc. Furthermore, domestic microwaves cannot be used rapidly as they have the chance of breaking down. In contrast to domestic microwave ovens, Commercial Microwave Ovens are built specifically to withstand hours of utilization per day. Even some businesses require the use of an oven non-stop depending on the demands of the professional kitchen, that is why commercial Microwave Ovens are more convenient to use in professional kitchens.


Most professional kitchens try to get away with using the domestic microwave because they are much cheaper than commercial Microwave Ovens. However, as mentioned earlier, the domestic microwave isn’t built to withstand heavy usage and because of it it gets damaged and the owner ends up paying more than what he bargained for. With a commercial Microwave, you won’t have to worry about any other expenses. They are built specifically to endure heavy usage. Furthermore, it will be a worthwhile investment in the aspects of quality, endurance, and speed. Like any other professional kitchen utensils, a commercial Microwave Oven will be a long-lasting fixture in your kitchen.

Commercial Microwave Oven Singapore sure costs a lot more than domestic microwave ovens. However, the quality and the efficiency it provides are outstanding. So, go for a commercial Microwave Oven for your professional kitchen.

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