So, you’ve decided to grow your own weed, or maybe you already have and need containers or storage for it? That’s great! You’ve made the first step in joining the ranks of cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. And with The Dart Co.’s line of cannabis containers and storage, you can be sure that your buds will be safe and secure until they reach their final destination and the journey really begins! Browse our large selection of weed containers and storage at If you want to learn more about cannabis products, strains, or anything else related to weed in general, contact us today!

Silicone Container

A silicone container is perfect for storing weed from a trip when you’re traveling. The lid seals tightly, so there’s no way for the smell to escape (and it’s easy to open). Plus, you can get them in different colors, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding it if they happen to go through your stuff. Silicone containers are also very lightweight and come with a carrying strap that attaches the container to your backpack.

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Rolling Trays

We would love to introduce you to our newest rolling tray, the Universal. It’s sleek design and handles make it easy to bring with you, ensuring that your weed never gets stuck in an uncomfortable crevice. Plus, with its rolling wheels, it’ll glide smoothly over any surface. The thin bottom makes your roll low to the ground for a more stealthy look when transporting your goodies from A to B. It’s not very often we offer our products at the wholesale price, but until November 10th 2018, we are slashing 25% off of every purchase– so act quickly!

Baking Dish

Since there is so much to learn about marijuana culture, pot knowledge, and weed laws in general, we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions to guide you on your journey of becoming a cannabean chef. If you are asking yourself ‘what is the best way to store my weed,’ then you’re in luck! Whether you just got some from your dealer or picked up some at a dispensary on your latest adult night out, it’s good to know how to properly store it for future use. The perfect container for weed storage depends largely on what type of user you are. For example, if you’re a stoner who smokes often or even daily then glass containers are ideal because they offer airtight seals.

Tea Light Candle Holders

We know you’re probably wondering why the Dart Co. is even talking about tea light candle holders when we specialize in containers for smoking, storing, drying and smoking weed. The truth is that we love weed accessories as much as the next person, especially anything that looks good! The old saying goes dress for the job you want, which we fully support so why not accessorize your best outfit with these dope-looking candle holders? We’ve all been there before, a tight fit in your pockets from all of your other necessities such as lighters or matchbooks, but with these handy dandy container on hand you’ll be saving space (and time) for all of those errands!

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