Level Up Your Hiking Experience With Wool Socks

Hikers and backpackers must take care of their feet. They must be in good health and condition at all times. But this can be difficult to achieve when you are always on your feet and pushing them to the limit. Hikers always wear the right type of footwear for such activities. This includes their socks.

The socks play a significant role in your overall comfort and performance. And out of the many, wool socks are the most recommended for hikers. Here are the reasons to consider wearing wool socks if you are a hiker.

Great With Insulation

Wool is considered one of the best when it comes to foot sock materials. One of the advantages of wool socks Australia is that its tiny, natural fibers crimp together which creates more insulating air pockets than other fabrics. These air pockets can help retain your body heat. Unlike other materials that get easily wet, the insulation properties of wool are not compromised when this happens. Wool can retain the warmth of your feet even after being exposed to water or rain.

Soft and Comfortable to Use

Wool socks are much preferred by hikers and backpackers because they are not itchy or uncomfortable to use. What makes wool a great material for socks is how it’s constructed. Its diameter is only 1/3 that of human hair. This results in a more comfortable feel because of its softer and itch-free texture.

Ability to Regulate Temperature

Wool easily adapts to the temperature of the body. It is better at this aspect compared to other materials. Wool can insulate in cool conditions. On the other hand, it makes the socks breathable and wicks moisture during warm conditions. That is why wool socks are great to use no matter what the weather is.


Nobody likes socks that smell. And the materials of the socks can greatly affect this. Wool has amino acids and other natural compounds that block bacteria and mold. This gives the socks the ability to resist odors. It allows the socks to remain fresh even for days on the trail.

Sustainable Material

Modern wools, especially merino, have been through a more rigid refinement process. In the past, wool was only farmed from sheep in Australia and New Zealand. They are now farmed all across the world which is why it’s a more sustainable material nowadays.

Wool socks are no doubt better for hikers and backpackers. They are suited to the demands of this activity. Not only that, they are also a sustainable choice compared to other types of socks. But of course, be sure to only purchase your wool socks from trusted sources, especially when buying online.

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