How do you use a bong?

Joints are usually the first thing people come across as a cannabis novice, but what if you want to broaden your horizons and try a bong. Certain things like water level and/or head filling of the bong cannot be explained in general terms. It depends on the respective bong model. However, the smoking technique has remained the same for centuries and is independent of the type of bong.

When filling and Looking for a brand new bong bowl, it is important to first look at the design. The diameter of the head hole in relation to the overall size is particularly interesting. If the diameter is too large, the cannabis will not hold by itself and you will need to use a sieve to prevent slipping. If the head is narrow, the hemp will hold by itself, the mix will be held in the head even when pulled and only the ashes will sink into the water. A narrow head is also called a flush head. How much cannabis to put in the bowl depends on several factors: the consistency of the mix and the number of smokers. Anyone who smokes alone can consider their own preferences, but should also consider their personal lung strength when filling.

Types Of Bong

There is no rule of thumb for the water level. However, you should make sure that the water does not run out either to the carb hole or to the chillum attachment. If this is the case, you have definitely used too much water. Even if you pull hard, no water should be able to be drawn through the neck or down the chillum.

The exact smoking process of a bong mainly depends on whether you want to smoke a bong with or without a carb hole. In the case of bongs with a carb hole, this is kept closed during the air intake phase and the mouth is placed at the upper end of the cylinder. Now you ignite the material in the bong bowl and draw without opening the carb hole. Due to the resulting negative pressure, air flows out of the only remaining opening, the chillum, and the glowing head gets hotter and hotter. The smoke flows into the interior of the bong. If it hits the water, the characteristic bubbling occurs.

When the interior is completely filled with smoke, you take a deep breath and then hit the bong until your bowl is empty. Only then is the carb hole opened again and all the smoke is drawn into the lungs. Pros can smoke the head in one go, this method is then referred to as hitting or kicking.

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