The advantages and disadvantages women should know before using semi-permanent nail polish

Gel nails, as well as other types of nail extensions, have been very popular for a while now, however, in the last few years, its popularity has decreased because of the latest fashion trends that promote natural beauty before anything else which was embraced by a lot of women.

The fact that it does not matter how well these are made, fake nails always have that unnatural look, and mainly given by its thickness, with this being said, a lot of women took off their nail extensions and started to look for some good alternatives that have the same long-lasting effects, and one of the best solutions for a perfect manicure to last long is the semi-permanent nail polish which is widely used nowadays because of its numerous advantages.

Despite its advantages, semi-permanent nail polishes also got backlashed by some women who prefer for other alternatives and also those who had bad experiences using it which is why it is important also for you to know the disadvantages of using semi-permanent nail polish so that you can choose this type of product wisely the next time you shop for one of these products.

  • Advantages

Although its name is semi-permanent nail polish, this kind of manicure solution is not entirely a nail polish, but instead, it is a mixture of polish and gel, and the great thing about it is that compared to gel or acrylics, it does not damage your nails as much as possible, and on the contrary, this kind of nail polish also strengthens the nails and also prevents it from cracking as well as peeling and tearing along with its colors or Colores semipermanentes.

Colores semipermanentes

To add more, it also has a thinner and shinier compared to a regular nail polish which lasts for about 14 days and making it more popular to women is that it is cheaper compared to gel or acrylics and it also takes lesser time to apply, and in fact, it can also be applied easily, all it takes is just a minute or thirty seconds until it dries completely. You are no longer required to retouch your nail polish every week or even a few days after you applied it because regular nail polish can easily be removed especially if you scratch your nails on a surface, however, semi-permanent enamel nail polishes lasts longer than the latter which is why a lot of women purchase these nowadays than a regular nail polish because semi-permanent enamel nail polishes are made from ingredients that are designed to last longer than a regular nail paint, no wonder a lot of salons offer this kind of service to their clients.

  • Disadvantages

Relatively, semi-permanent nail polishes received several complaints from women who used it a few days after applying it to their nails because, although it is hard for it to be removed easily, it naturally creates smaller cracks. Despite not being too visible, these cracks can ruin your entire manicure concept, as it goes with all the beauty products you use, you cannot assure that the quality lasts that long.

There are some brands out there that are better than the other, however, you should always avoid buying the cheapest brand because these are the ones that manifest poor quality in just a few days after polishing your nails.

Also, you are required to use certain tools in applying semi-permanent nail polish and also to wipe it off.

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