Professional Sensitive Lash Adhesive Glue for the Best Price

Fake lashes are in and so does lash extensions; making women of all ages feel good about their eyes better than the last years. And this is why lash extensions are pretty much on the trend right now and a handful of women are getting theirs done.

Lash extensions are a go-to when emphasizing natural beauty and enhancing one’s face without even going under the knife. Yes, that’s right. However, there are still so many people who are too afraid to get lash extensions because of its potential skin irritations or any risks of allergic reaction. For this problem, Stacy Lash has created an amazing sensitive lash adhesive glue available at that is perfect for clients.

Why Should You Use Stacy Lash Sensitive Glue?

We at Stacy Lash believe that our clients deserve the advanced quality of products especially ones that need to be applied on delicate areas. So we designed this custom sensitive lash glue that meets the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. It’s a quality that breathes security and hassle-free. It features the extra light formula to guarantee comfortable application without harmful side effects. What is more, our adhesive comes in a sealed package designed to guarantee its freshness and expand using time.

Stacy Lash Sensitive Glue

Stacy Lash’s sensitive glue has even more benefits:

  • Low fume formula – the glue has a no-odor latex-free composition that minimizes risks of irritation or allergy. So whether it’s been taken or pulled off or any worries about allergies, it would be totally impossible. The products are all made with 100% safe materials.
  • Comfortable dry time – it will take about 5-6 seconds before the glue completely dries, so you can work on eyelash extensions without rush. This one if perfect for novice lash masters. Plus, all other glues are very hard to dry off especially if you need to be somewhere else fast.
  • Impressive retention time – being a good-quality professional glue, it can hold extensions up to 4-5 weeks (the length of natural lashes’ growth cycle). No one needs to worry how long for it to stay on. No need to check yourself out in the mirror from time to time because, with these lashes, it’s going to hold up good.
  • Quality warranty – if for some reason you have received a defective product, just contact us and we will gladly replace or refund it.

Remember that Stacy Lash Sensitive is designed for lash professionals only. Permanent adhesives require special skills to apply so you shouldn’t use it on your own lashes.

Purchase Stacy Lash Sensitive to benefit from its light formula and fantastic quality. Help every one of your clients look fantastic.

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