Information about diamonds you need to know

Diamonds are the most important part of the jewels, therefore, we put at your disposal this aticle that will help you to have all the necessary knowledge to be able to choose the ideal diamond for your jewel. Click here for jewelry designers engagement rings.

Carat (weight)

The “Carat” is the unit of measurement of diamonds. The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats (one carat = 0.2 grams). A carat is divided into 100 points, and its abbreviation is “ct”. In general, the weight of stones of more than one carat in weight is expressed in carats, but when it comes to stones of less than one carat, the weight is usually expressed in points. Visit this site for bridesmaid earrings,

The weight of a diamond is expressed with at least two decimals (1.24 ct). That means the third is rounded down whenever it is less than 9. When the third decimal is 9, the weight is rounded up.

For example: 1,245 turns out to be 1,24 ct, while 1,249 turns out to be 1,25 ct. 

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Cut (size)

The “Cut” of the diamond is the process used to convert the raw crystal into a carved diamond ready to be set in a jewel. The round brilliant cut, with its 57 facets, is considered the ideal size and the most sold in jewelry. With this size, the greatest possible amount of brightness (reflected light) and diamond fire (white light decomposition in the different colors of the spectrum) is achieved.

In addition, there are different types of carving, added to the brilliant size, which are called fantasy: princess, radiant, marquise, emerald, heart, pear and oval.

Carving is the most important quality criterion of the diamond, as it allows us to reveal its brightness and fire. The quality of the carving depends on the human savoir faire and refers to the proportions, symmetry and polishing of the diamond.

A diamond with a good size will allow to direct all the light it reflects through its crown, achieving its maximum brightness and radiance. On the other hand, if the depth of the diamond is low or excessive, it will cause the light to escape from the sides or from the bottom of the diamond.

Clarity (purity)

The “Clarity” is the characteristic that indicates the purity of a diamond when referring to the presence or absence of imperfections or natural inclusions that may be found in it. The fewer inclusions in the diamond, the greater the amount of light that can pass through it and the more beautiful its flash will be.

Many times, these inclusions are so small that they are only visible with a microscope or with a 10X magnifying glass. In addition, they can be so difficult to appreciate that our experience as Certified Diamond Grader plays an essential role in the correct certification of the degree of purity of the diamond.

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