Close Comparison Of The Difference Between Rubber and Leather Straps

            It may be necessary to start with why leather is so standard if you compare Crafter Blue rubber straps versus leather straps. There is no question in many watch owners’ hearts that leather watch straps have a particular location. It is probably one of the first watch bands a watch owner would have had in reality.

Leather Straps Versus Rubbers

Leather Straps

While, compared to what you might enjoy, the soft, pleasant scent of leather is probably not visible on your wrist. There is no denying, however, that leather does feel good. It stretches and almost instantly molds the body. And for a watch enthusiast, maybe that is just one thing you would love about the strap.

The leather looks fine, and when you wear it, it looks better. It has a typical theme. A natural uniqueness is added to the piece through creases and crevices. With the formal dress and casual wear, it looks perfect. Some fond memories, such as Cowboy movies of years gone by or even your first baseball mitt, may also be honored. It is rugged, and yet it’s versatile, and the more you wear it, the more you become your own.

Leather, however, has multiple downsides. The most significant is that, particularly during physical activity, it does not wear very well. While leather has specific water resistance, it is very porous. It absorbs water, which can warp and bubble up the leather. The band will start to take on an odor over time if you sweat. For people conscious of sustainability, leather comes from the hide of some animal. Leather can come from other sources, even though alligators and cowhides are commonplace. Today, when worn around individuals sensitive to animals’ plight, wearing leather may have a negative connotation.

Rubber Straps

            Rubber, especially the kind used by rolex rubber watch bands, is a much more durable watch band for a watch piece. It is comfortable to wear, similar to its leather equivalent. It is supple and travels to the wrist quickly. Even though it contours the body’s form, it doesn’t get stuck or sag. If you unbuckle the timepiece, it will pop back into its original condition.

It is durable. This implies that for sporting efforts, rubber bands are best. Take your band to the beach, the pool, or the basketball court to rough it up.

While it may have some uniqueness to the leather style, rubber has now introduced a large number of styles that allow the rubber to imitate anything from canvas and fabrics to real genuine leather hide. It’s hard even to imagine why you would even think about going back to leather, with so many textures to choose from.

The most significant advantage of vulcanized rubber over leather is that it can equal the strength and toughness of steel or other refined metals without giving up comfort. Add to that the opportunity to purchase a multitude of color bands for even less than a single band of gold or platinum, and you can now customize your watch look as much as you want. Change your clothes, change your band, and you can enjoy doing something, anytime, in your unique style. You can quickly clean it, and its non-porous nature repels odors even if you sweat or get your band dirty.


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