An Undying Inspiration- a Guide to the Finesse of Fashion.

  Alber Elbaz, one of the best Israeli fashion designers of all times perfect metaphorical depiction of fashion is just what the world needs to empathize with right now. Fashion is a creation of one’s own character and style is what gives that character its authenticity. While fashion, in today’s world has just been reduced to anything that’s just out of the blue and visually pleasing enough, fashion is a rather vast concept and a fusion of boundless imagination, devotion and inspiration.

It’s All About Breaking the Stereotype

On one hand where fashion shows are all about ‘who’s wearing the most expensive what’ or readily mistake for being a ‘rich man’s luxury’, there are designers breaking these shackles of conformity and reaching across millions all over the world. The recent Schiaparelli Runway at Paris Couture Week was a bundle of tribute to the legendary Elsa, and it was a fashion show like no other. It was presented to make a statement; to show how fashion is supposed to rein in one’s worlds. The event was as surreal as it could get. But here’s the thing, the statement didn’t try to exclusively belong to a particular class of people, and that made it even desirable and the styles increasingly debonair.

Fashion is a repeating cycle where nostalgia and precedence clash with uniqueness and creativity. More often than not, people find themselves attracted to things that carry the weight of philosophy with them. Fashion is no exception, which makes its appeal rather ambiguous and sometimes even confusing. The roots of philosophy are often derived from one’s own struggle and it becomes a part of their character and personality, which is ultimately and inevitably reflected in one’s work. Hence, a heartfelt and heads turning apparel is not limited to the laps of expensive malls. Good and fashionable attire can be found anywhere an inspiration can sprout.

The variety in the length of sleeves will allow you to change your look from casual to semi-formal. Opt for a short-sleeve t-shirt when the temperatures rise and you want to chill, yet look stylish. When the winds begin blowing and you need more cover, yet don’t want to be stifled under a layer of wool, choose a long-sleeve T-shirt over your jeans or skirt and you are good to go.

Your Journey of Discovering the Household Fashion

Let me tell you a funny story. A friend who is always tall on trends and walks shoulder to shoulder with brand-new clothes from top to bottom, and always prefers to eat in famous restaurants, had run out of money for her birthday, so she chose to elect street shopping that time. She impressed everyone with her cascading floor-length Maxie and looked like a beauty in it. So, here’s the thing, fashion is no longer, not affordable. With the right selection and discretion of attire, one can always look dapper without having to spend loops of money. What one finds in malls, if one searches patiently enough can also be found in a busy bazaar, with just the right quality. The availability of designer wear and products, starting from food to jewellery, from head to toe, fashion has now become every householder’s luxury and happiness.

With the growing trends, however, it is only to imagine how difficult it can be for someone who is generally afraid to try new looks or adopt different styles. Everything looks dazzling and everything seems inviting. As a saving grace, if you are not already aware, there are multiple numbers of fashion vloggers and bloggers. These people are social media influencers, who through their written articles and videos educate the world about fashion, and what it means to be fashionable and how one can achieve that. From men’s fashion to women to kids, these fashion vloggers can be counted on for any sort of help and they’re freely accessible.

With increasing awareness about fashion and its scope, there is also less critique about it in the society today, than before, which has indeed proven to be a wonderful opportunity for students who want to take up a career in the fashion industry. With ready help available on smartphones, coaching centres etc., fashion is a growing hub for business and creativity. For designing and selling as start-ups for creating wonderful attires for the film industry, the scope for progress and growth is immensely exceeding. It is one of the best ways of discovering one’s own brand and hence reflecting one’s own ideas and beliefs.

Fashion as the Best Language of Expression.

Vanity is an important part of life for every person, and hence, anyone who wants to be fashionable can now choose any lifestyle they want, with so much fashion awareness and accessibility. As Mark Twain rightly said, ‘Clothes are what make the man and man are who makes the Clothes.’ Wearing something that gives you are comfortable in, fits you and suits you gives you all the confidence you need to walk with your head held high. Your discretion is all it takes to choose the perfect dress for you, which can be absolutely different from the person next to you. For, fashion is a matter of instincts and somethings that germinate from within.

Fashion is a judge of a person’s personality, one’s key to charm and intrigue and everything that can be spectacular yet classy. It can be found in the creaks of the improperly cemented ceilings of a dreamer, and in the rich shiny beads of a designer who have carved a niche for oneself by producing few of the most awesome designs in the history of fashion. Nevertheless, fashion is ethereal and momentary. Trends are passing clouds, but what remains is the passion and inspiration to keep creating and keep discovering oneself. The idea of fashion is not to distinguish bridges but to connect them, and all these bridges lead people from all walks of lives to one single destination: one’s own identity, and each and every one of us are worthy of it.

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