What are the causes of dandruff and how can you treat it?

Dandruff is a usual condition that can leave the scalp itchy and inflamed. Since you have dandruff it also has white flakes to dust in your hair. But dandruff is not serious and you don’t have to be embarrassed. Some people are experiencing a scalp condition. Using a gentle shampoo can treat mild dandruff conditions but the symptoms can return. Other cases will depend on a person and the sensitivity of their skin. When you understand the causes of dandruff it can be treated well. Once you help yourself to what is irritating in your scalp you can treat it faster. These are the usual causes of dandruff and these are the things you have to do.

Oily or irritated skin

You think those people that have a dry scalp only suffer from dandruff. Dry skin can be the main reason why you have dandruff but also those people that have an oily scalp. It can also lead to dandruff conditions like seborrheic dermatitis which is eczema on the scalp. When you are suffering from it you can talk to your dermatologist to try a different treatment. Many have considered Two Herbs to have the best dandruff treatment in Singapore.


People believe that dandruff is from too much shampooing but it is not the real reason behind it. When you are not shampooing it can make your dandruff much worse. It can cause dead skin and oil to sit on your scalp which makes it worse. You can try to use a medicated shampoo that you can buy from groceries and drug stores. Some shampoos have zinc, ketoconazole, or selenium sulfide which can treat dandruff.

Many have considered Two Herbs to have the best dandruff treatment in Singapore.

Haircare products

It is the same with other parts of your body, the scalp is exposed to irritation and allergic reactions. When your scalp is sensitive to certain hair products contact dermatitis can grow on the scalp. It is the reaction where it is contacted with an irritant and it will result in dandruff. When you feel that your scalp is irritated or sore after using a product it can be because of its ingredients. You have to avoid using a product that you feel that it makes your scalp sore or irritated.

Dry skin

Having dry skin can also cause dandruff and you can spot it because the other parts of your body are dry too. Dry skin can make it worse because of the temperature and it is the same in your scalp. But you can now treat a dry scalp which is the same dry skin in any part of your body. You have to use a moisturizer shampoo when you are taking a bath. Also using a hair mask can help to add moisture to your scalp. But it is necessary to choose a product that is free from irritants.

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