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Silver Jewellery Manufacturers & Exporters. India.

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Elite Creations, a well known name in the world of Handmade Silver Jewellery, located in Jaipur, the pink city of India. Our commitment is to bring you the finest collection of Silver Jewellery at the lowest possible prices. We deal in silver rings, silver earrings, silver pendants, silver necklaces, silver bracelets and silver jewellery sets etc.  Best collection of silver jewellery in traditional and latest designs. Most of our products are hand made and manufactured by the masters. We also produce buyer's specified designs.

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Our Products

  Silver Wedding Jewellery
  Indian Silver Jewellery
  Ethnic Silver  Jewellery
  Casting Silver Jewellery
  Wholesale Silver Jewellery
  Other Silver Jewelry

Elite Creations claims fine quality silver jewellery at very competitive rates. All of our products are made by pure 92.5 sterling silver and original semi precious gemstones. Our jewellery represents the combination of the precious-semiprecious gemstones and sterling silver with quality craftsmanship and unique styling.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, or for your loved one, you may find some of the best deals on wholesale silver jewelry, Indian silver jewellery, Silver Wedding Jewellery, Indian Silver Jewellery, Ethnic Silver Jewellery, Casting Silver Jewellery etc.

We are
silver jewellery manufacturers and silver jewellery exporters with world class silver jewellery designers, so that you'll find wholesale silver jewelry that will suit yours all accessory styles.

At Elite Creations, you may find all jewellery ornaments like
Silver Engagement Rings, Silver Anniversary Rings, Silver Wedding Rings, Sterling Silver Rings, Wholesale Silver Earrings, Gemstones Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings, Handmade Silver Earrings, Silver Cross Pendants, Silver Gemstones Pendants, Sterling Silver Pendants, Silver Bracelets, Silver Jewellery Bracelets, Silver Handmade Bracelets, Silver Gemstone Studded Bracelets, Silver Necklaces, Silver Jewellery Necklaces, Silver Gemstone Necklaces, Sterling Silver Necklaces etc.

Silver Rings»
  Silver Jewellery Rings

  Sterling Silver Rings

A collection of sterling silver rings you have not seen ever before. World class rings designed by famous jewellery designers of India.

  Engagement Rings
  Anniversary Rings
  Wedding Rings

Sterling Silver Earrings»


If you are looking for wholesale earrings in sterling silver, you are at right place. Elite Creations present an array of traditional and trendy designs of Silver Earrings.

Wholesale Earrings Silver Jewellery Earrings
Gemstones Earrings
Sterling Silver Earrings
Handmade Silver Earrings


Wholesale Silver Pendants»
Silver Jewellery Pendants   Pendants

Wedding anniversary or birthday of your beloved, whatever is the occasion, we have a complete range of sterling silver pendants. We also produce buyer's specified designs.

  Cross Pendants
  Gemstones Pendants
  Sterling Silver Pendants
  Sterling Silver Bracelets»  

Most of our silver bracelets are handmade, they are stunning pieces of master craftsmanship. Fantastic combination of sterling silver and gemstones.

Bracelets Silver Jewellery Bracelets
Silver Bracelets
Handmade Bracelets.
Gemstone Studded Bracelets
    Sterling Silver Necklaces»

Silver Jewellery Necklaces


If you want to get complement from other about your silver necklaces then come to us with our enormous collection of silver necklaces, sterling silver necklaces etc.

Silver Necklaces
Gemstone Necklaces
Sterling Silver Necklaces
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